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Anemometer in compliance with ExxonMobil MESQAC rules for oil tankers

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Ninglu anemometer AM706C in compliance with ExxonMobil MESQAC rules

These years, Ninglu anemometer AM706C in compliance with ExxonMobil MESQAC rules for oil tankers, has achieved great success.

Completely designed to meet with the ExxonMobil MESQACrules, anemometer AM706C becomes hundreds of oil tanker owners' choices.

Due to the particularity of the oil tanker, oil loading and unloading has to be stopped once the wind speed is too big to cause possible dangerous situation.

Anemometer AM706C wind display is installed in Cargo Control Room (CCR), and can output 2 level wind speed alarm. Alarm value is set by the user.

When the wind speed is too big, the A1 alarm in CCR, and the A2 alarm in deck will give a sounding and light alarm.

Second level alarm sounding and light flashing frequency is higher than the first one.

Meanwhile, based on ExxonMobil MESQAC rules, the wind speed and direction shall be printed on the paper, anemometer AM706C can connect with printer DPU-414 to record all the wind information.

AM706C 2

防爆 system

Dual-dispaly anemometer system

If the ship needs one extra normal anemometer display in the bridge, we can also provide one dual-display anemometer system for option.

AM706E anemometer display which can calculate the true wind speed and direction is located in the bridge for navigation.

AM706C anemometer display is installed in cargo control room.

These 2 anemometer displays can share one wind signal source from wind sensor AM706S.


AM706C and AM706E anemometer displays all can accept NMEA0183 MWV sentences for any retrofit projects which want to keep the existing wind sensor.

Dual-wind display system


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