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The IS09001 quality system external audit was successfully completed in Ninglu Tech

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From June 15th to 16th, China Classification Society was conducting the IS09001 quality management system external audit in Nanjing Ninglu Technology Co., Ltd. for certificate reexamination.


 The purpose of this audit are to confirm the scope of the certification and registration of the organization management system, to assess the extent to which the management system of the certified organization as a whole consistently meets the audit criteria and whether it can recommend re-certification for registration, and to audit quality documents. The basis of this audit are 1. GB/T1900 1-2016/ISO9001:2015 Quality management systems—requirements, 2. Company quality manual and system related documents and 3. Applicable statutory and regulatory requirements. The audit method are to check the suitability and sufficiency of the company's quality management system documents and to check the effectiveness of the quality management system operation and the conformity of product quality through discussion, on-site inspection, introduction, sampling quality records and inspection documents.


During the two-day audit, under the leadership of general manager Mr. Changming SHI, Ninglu all departments actively cooperated with the auditors’ work, listened to the opinions and guide of the auditors. The two auditors carried on the thorough understanding and guidance for quality management and running of management department, QC department, production department, sales department, system department, technical department and purchasing department, and make a high degree of praise, also the details for some quality work guidance and suggestions. They gave the recommendation to continue the conclusion of the quality system certificate. Mr. Changming SHI said that Ninglu Tech thanks to two auditors’ guidance and advice from China Classification Society, to help the company quality management system within a proper and eff

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