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To fight the epidemic, Ninglu Tech orderly resumption of production

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In recent months, the outbreak of novel coronavirus spread across the country, and all Chinese people took action to join in the war to fight against the new type of pneumonia. Ninglu Tech launched a series of prevention and control work in order to win the white war, as soon as possible.

Ninglu Tech overall return to work on March 9th, 2020. In accordance with the government requirements, the whole company office was disinfected. Adequate protective supplies were ready for employees, and the detailed health surveys were conducted on the employees. During the production, Ninglu Tech strengthened daily management, and had the full-time personnel responsible for the epidemic prevention and control work, who regularly disinfected on production environment, took employee’s temperature, handed out masks for the prevention and control requirements, and ensured all work in an orderly way.

Here, our company pays tribute to the staff who are working on the front line of the epidemic. Go China! We believe that we can finally overcome the epidemic, and tomorrow will be better!

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