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Struggle for 20 years, Dream of new Ninglu

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Over time and with age,

Year 2019 has keft us, ring out the Old Year and ring in the New Year

The new year 2020 is here

This is the time when the New Year is coming

Nanjing Ninglu Technology Co., Ltd.

Annual Meeting as the theme of not forget the original heart and follow the dream forward

Was held in Jiangning Shangpinhui Hotel on 10th January, 2020

Ninglu Tech’s staff and their families enjoyed together

Song, dance, science experiment, lucky draw activity and so on

Let everyone feel full of happiness and not forget the original mind.

Set off again for a higher purpose!

Let's take a look at the highlights of the meeting.

The general manager, Mr. Changing SHI , sent a New Year's message, which recognized and affirmed the efforts and achievements of all employees in the past year, and expressed his deepest wishes to employees and their families.

The vice-general manager, Ms. Chenping YANG, brought the New Year's message from the chairman of the board of directors, Mr. Tor Andreassen, the best wishes for a better future.

The staff and the invited guests gathered together, with happiness and harmonious and had dinner like a family.

The presenters were on

Ms. Sujuan wang, a talented girl in the sales department, sang a song, ‘you look so good when you smile’ to open the prelude of the New Year's annual performance.

The finance and warehouse departments beat drums and brought a humorous program ‘three sentences and a half’, to praise Ninglu family.

Bowen WANG from sales department and his special guest Junjun brought a science magic show, which let the activity enter a jubilant atmosphere with bursts of cheers.

Boys and girls in technical department brought one of the most popular dance ‘Coyote Disco’, burning the whole house

The special guest, Mr. TAO sang a Japanese version song, ‘Thereafter’, affectionately.

The charming chorus, composed of production and quality inspection department brought a funny version of ‘Drunken Butterfly’, which made the audience laugh.

The interactive links must be the most exciting memories! The games were wonderful!

This year, a generous gift were ready for everyone, the lucky draw activities let everyone excited, which would be a climax of the party!

The vice-general manager, Ms. Chenping YANG shook out the first prize winner and the winner is happy

Who would win the most anticipated grand prize? The general manager, Mr. Changming SHI, finally shook out the winner, who was from the quality inspection department of Ms. Caifeng ZHANG.

The annual meeting ended in a harmonious, warm, passionate and joyful atmosphere.

Look back in 2019, we worked together and hard and get common harvest

Look forward to 2020, we have the same goal and full of confidence

Hope that the future of Ninglu Tech be more brilliant!

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