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Nanjing Ninglu Technology Co., Ltd. participated in Dalian International Maritime Exhibition in 2018

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As the theme of an ocean with wisdom and a voyage with innovation, the 13th China International Maritime Exhibition, on October 24-26, 2018, was held in the Dalian world expo center by China shipbuilding industry association, China ship-owner association, China society of naval architecture and engineering, and China fishing vessels & fishing machine & fishing gear industry association. The exhibition area was more than 30,000 square meters, the booth number reached near 1000, the international exhibitors ratio was 30%, and the professional audience number was more than 40,000 person-time. It is the authoritative and professional platform for Chinese maritime industry business elites gathering, joint projects, expanded civil-military integration and government & enterprise & technology & bank hand in hand.

As the leading brand in the Chinese marine navigational products, Nanjing Ninglu Technology co., Ltd. with the theme of technicalization & internationalization, through the use of the product model, product catalogue, board and so on, showed the featured products, such as fish finders, echo sounders, anemometers and speedlog to embody Ninglu Tech huge achievements in the development of comprehensive products with science and technology .

This maritime exhibition not only propagandizes new products and new technologies, and sets up a good brand image, but also broadens the Ninglu Tech's market in the shipping industry, and creates favorable conditions for the further development. We believe that Ninglu Tech can achieve greater development and breakthrough in the future.

In the Ninglu Tech’s exhibition hall, the site staff in a positive and full of spirit are receiving many domestic or foreign customers.

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